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Resources for Learning Ruby

The following are useful resources I used for learning ruby as I transitioned from C# and ASP.NET development to Ruby on Rails.

  • Learn Ruby The Hard Way: Zed Shaw is always excellent and never boring. All his “learn the hard” way books are really good and this is a no bs way to start practicing and learning ruby. The free online ebook is a huge plus.
  • Ruby Syntax With Examples: Tutorials Point has a pretty decent overview of Ruby syntax and implementation of common methods, data types, control flows, object-oriented pieces etc… Useful when I just want a bite-size example of something in ruby.
  • Rails Tutorial: Fantastic zero to rails development tutorial. Not the most complicated or in-depth tutorial but gives you just enough to start writing and deploying basic rails applications right away. Big bonus is the focus on not just building something but frequently deploying it and giving you the option to use an online-based development environment for those who have a hard time getting ruby, gems, rails etc… installed locally(there are instructions for local development as well for others like me who prefer that).