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Highlights from the Google Automation Conference

I have listed the talks I got the most value out of from top to bottom with supporting links when appropriate. After digging through my notes from when I attended GTAC 2016 I wanted to share the ones that stood out the most.

Talk: How Flaky Tests in Continuous Integration

This is my pick for best talk of the conference. It’s ground breaking research into flaky tests from googles massive amounts of build data and how they use it to make developers more productive and spot legitimate bugs faster.

Relevant article: How google deals with flaky tests

Lightning Talk: Need for Speed - Accelerate Automation Tests From 3 Hours to 3 Minutes I loved seeing the incremental improvements that took a very long end to end test suite to an extremely fast one. Glad he discussed some of the problems they ran into and how they were able to fix them instead of giving up.

Talk: Capital One: Company Wide DevOps Dashboard

Hygieia Project

DevOps Dashboard: Hygieia Repository

Talk: Scale vs Value: Test Automation at BBC Dealing with running lots of integration tests over time can become problematic, this talk touches on that and how BBC handles test automation for platforms that are traditionally very hard to automate (native applications for devices like smart TV’s etc…).

Lightning Talk: Code Coverage is a Strong Predictor of Test Suite Effectiveness Rahul talks about the importance of mutation testing and whether or not code coverage alone is an effective way to predict where bugs are most likely to occur in your software.

Supporting research paper by Rahul: Code Coverage for Suite Evaluation by Developers

Talk: Automated Telepresence Robot Driving Automating a robotics problem that was traditionally tested manually and required quite a bit of innovation and ingenuity to get working. People that think testing and test automation is boring should see this and reconsider.

Playlist of all GTAC 2016 Talks

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